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Head of the Luxembourg Bar from 1993 to 1994, Mr RODEN achieved particular prominence in the area of personal injury claims, a little known field at that time and one in which our firm has specialised ever since.

Mr RODEN’s acknowledged expertise in the fields of banking, finance and commercial law resulted in 1992 in his appointment by the courts as liquidator of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, Luxembourg (BCCI).

Jean MINDEN has been a lawyer since 1978 and joined Messrs ZURN and RODEN on commencing practice.

Head of the Luxembourg Bar from 2004 to 2005, Mr MINDEN has extensive experience in the bringing of social security recourses and is one of the leading experts in calculating personal injury compensation; as a result he has been made a member of the Committee for the compensation of victims of criminal injuries (Commission pour l’indemnisation de certaines victimes de dommages corporels résultant d’une infraction).

His other areas of expertise include the law on liability, employment law and insurance law, amongst others.

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